Mccallum Mini Simmons


Mccallum Surfboards Limited Edition - Mini Simmons.


A Simmons inspired "casper" twin keel. Shaped with a scooped nose hull design, the Mini Simmons flys despite its looks. Here's what Jeff has to say -



"The 7'0" Simmons are 23.5" wide with a 17" tail block and three inches thick.  They paddle insane.  They have a displacement hull type bottom so the are extremely fast and loose.  I mostly surf blacks which is a deep water canyon beach break and I ride a 5'0" there all the time. I'm stoked on them. I'm even going to take one to Tavarua next month."


Jeff is limiting a run of 50 mini simmons caspers 5'0, 6'0 and 7'0 all with choice of tines and coloured keels.  



Prices vary with lenght respectivly. Call or mail for pricing and information


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